June 1st 2011 - July 15th 2011

Juror: Dan Burkholder

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Likely you’ve got your phone with you at all times, while you’ve forgotten your dSLR or film camera at home.  (You wouldn’t dare leave your phone at home, would you?)  It’s liberating, knowing your cell or smartphone can take a picture, anytime, anywhere.

As Photographers, you’ve likely engaged in the heated discussion over the capability, viability, credibility of the camera phone.  Purists scoff at the intrusion of a mediocre, fraud of a device, that is marring their photographic religion.  And then there are the rest of you, embracing the technology and embracing the all-in-one, multi-media lifestyle of the cellphone-toting imagist, so many of you have become.  We’re not taking sides in this great debate, but we are going to show you just what your phones can do (and it’s pretty amazing).  What better a Juror to take on the task than Dan Burkholder - just look at what he’s done with his iPhone.  We can’t wait to see the photographic artistry you’ve achieved with your camera phone.

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Exhibit Calendar (subject to change)
All selected entries are included in a full color exhibit catalog. Juror's Choice receives a 20x35" vinyl exhibit banner featuring their image. We offer free matting and framing of accepted entries for the duration of each of our exhibition, subject to standard sizes. Photographers set their own prices if they wish to sell their work and retain all rights to their photographs.
Submissions Close 5/24/11 Midnight EST
Selections Announced
by 5/30/11
Check-in Due
Receipt Deadline
Exhibit Opens
Artists Reception
7/15 (juror present)
Exhibit Closes

Juror's Statement:

What sets the cell phone camera apart in this wacky world of photography is its clear and obvious invitation to immediacy and exploration, like no camera before. Not only is a cell phone always in your pocket or purse — with its amazing selection of apps you can stylize the image in ways we only dreamed about in years past. In short, it’s fun and oh so very photographic.

It only seems right that a show of cell phone images be different from an exhibition of “normal” photography. Honoring this expectation, you might notice many images that celebrate the “I had a camera with me!” approach to everyday life. In other images you’ll find a certain playfulness, again reflecting the cell phone’s ease and non-threatening approach to photography. In all cases, what you’re seeing is honest to goodness photography in the 21st century. There is nothing second-rate or “cheating” about cell phone photography. Remember, there is no virtue to difficulty by itself — in life or in photography.

For all those who submitted photographs for this exhibition, thank you for your creativity, your investigation of technique, your willingness to put your cell phone over your head, on the ground, near the dog’s nose and close to the frog. You are photography’s newest pioneers, finding fresh ways to see, capture and render the world around you. And that’s something for which you should be proud.

When a photography exhibit is juried by a single person (in this case, me), there’s no way the final selection can’t reflect the juror’s preference for subject matter, creative approach, technical application, presentation or humor. I’m also sure “envy” enters the equation, as in, “I wish I’d seen or shot this myself.” The process is much more demanding than simply deciding if each image is a fine photograph.

Whittling this marvelous group of cell phone images down to a group of 50 was a daunting task. With so much good work to consider, I was constantly aware that I’d have to eliminate many images that I’d be proud to have photographed myself or display in my home. This is my clumsy way of saying just because your images weren’t accepted doesn’t mean they were not good.

For the Juror’s Choice, I tried to decide which image captured the spirit of our new cell phone photographic frontier. Does it display the immediacy that marks our new medium, as if the photographer pulled the phone from a pocket or purse to make this one special image; does it create its own visual world of intrigue; does it ask as many questions as it answers, is it simple and complex, all at once?

“Into the Light” does all that. It’s a wonderful, casual, warm image with depth. It starts a dialog with the viewer but leaves space for that viewer to finish the story alone. It is — without a question — a fine photograph.

Dan Burkholder

Into the Light
Juror's Choice

Cathy Panebianco
Jamestown, NY USA
Galloping Gertie Comes to Brooklyn
People's Choice

Erik S. Lieber
Brooklyn, NY USA
Solitary (wo)Man

Cathy Panebianco
Jamestown, NY USA

Golden Trees

Cathy Panebianco
Jamestown, NY USA
Barking Owl

Danielle Pocock
Brisbane, Queensland Australia

Dave Weinberg
Freeport, ME USA

Genie of Old Orchard Beach

Dave Weinberg
Freeport, ME USA
Maple Syrup

Del Higgins
Palenville, NY USA
Cookie Dreams

Dot Williams
Asheville, NC USA

Mulata en la Habana, Cuba.

Francisco Mata
México, DF Mexico

Gary Tobler
Colchester, VT USA

Gary Tobler
Colchester, VT USA


Gary Tobler
Colchester, VT USA

Gary Tobler
Colchester, VT USA

Genevieve Neal
Yorktown, VA USA


Harold Ross
West Chester, PA USA
Quin Abbey, Quin, Ireland

Harry Sandler
Mount Vernon, NY USA
A Red Barn in the Valley

Jennifer Hannux
Wilder, VT USA

Spring Maple in the Fog

Jennifer Hannux
Wilder, VT USA
John with his Rollei

Jim Leisy
Sherwood, Oregon USA
Jack and David

Jim Leisy
Sherwood, Oregon USA

New Friend

Julie Owen
Santa Barbara, CA USA
Shaking-off Winter, Hello Spring

Justin Gural
Essex Jct., VT USA
Earn Your Turns

Justin Gural
Essex Jct., VT USA

350 + years of snow falls

Kevin Dingman
Columbia, Missouri USA
memory of the blessed

Kimberly Post Rowe
Raymond, ME USA
Novella's Garden: Purple Peonies

L.S. King
Pulaski, VA USA


Laurie McCormick
Los Angeles, CA USA
Alanna 1

lawrence lewis
kingston, ny USA
Gothic Home

Lester Blum
New York, NY USA

Bridge of Sighs

Lori Pond
Los Angeles, CA USA
Small Town

Marilyn Sherman
Needham, MA USA

Marilynn Gottlieb
Bainbridge Island, WA USA

Black Dog

Marilynn Gottlieb
Bainbridge Island, WA USA
"Winter Sky" (Delmar, NY) 2011

Penny Perkins
Delmar, NY USA

Rad A. Drew
Indianapolis, IN USA

European Weeping Beech

Rad A. Drew
Indianapolis, IN USA
The World Disappeared

Roberta Murray
Rocky Mtn House, Alberta Canada
I Saw A Miracle

Roberta Murray
Rocky Mtn House, Alberta Canada


Shirley Drevich
Miami, FL USA
She Friend

Shirley Drevich
Miami, FL USA

Stacey Pierce-Nickle
Nashville, TN USA

Bahama Wind

Stacey Pierce-Nickle
Nashville, TN USA
Untitled 2

Stein Dennis
N. Yarmouth, Me USA
Playing in the Tulips

Teri Lou Dantzler
Cle Elum, WA USA

Leaving Utah

tiina anttila
houston, TX USA
In the heart of the Cajun Country

tiina anttila
houston, TX USA
Red Rider

tony sweet
Eldersburg, MD USA


Wayne E Chinnock
Somerville, MA USA

Juror:  Dan Burkholder

Dan Burkholder has a long history of looking over the photographic horizon to see, explore and teach the next great thing in imaging. His newest book, iPhone Artistry (Pixiq Press, 2011), is the definitive how-to for creative iPhone photographers. His first book, Making Digital Negatives for Contact Printing (Bladed Iris Press, 1995) became a seminal manual for photographers wanting to blend the power of digital imaging with the charm of the handmade print.

Dan received his B.A. and Master’s degrees from Brooks Institute of Photography, in Santa Barbara, CA. Dan has taught digital imaging workshops for 16 years on three continents and several island countries. His platinum/palladium and pigmented ink prints are included in private and public collections internationally.


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