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EXHIBIT Closed on January 20th 2012

Juror: Norman McGrath

Juror's Choice by John Eaton

Images that capture a vision of the man made world around us. 

We’ve been documenting the built environment since the beginnings of photography.  It’s natural - our lives are entwined with and dependent upon structures of all kinds.  Let us examine the genius designs, abundant materials both found and fabricated, engineering feats, beauty and function, of our constructed environments.  Technical mastery has much to do with a great architectural photograph, but also an understanding of the architect’s vision, and/or the humanity that invigorates and utilizes its spaces.  Whether a skyscraper or a shed, chasm span or walking bridge, from convenience store to industrial complex, public or personal (heck, an outhouse is a pertinent structure), and even the remains of such, we’re looking forward to featuring your built environments.

Exhibit Calendar (Subject to Change)
Exhibit Opens:27 December 11
Artists' Reception:8 January 12 15:00
Exhibit Closes:20 January 12
The Built Environment
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The Darkroom Gallery Difference


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Juror Statement:

It is always interesting to see new and different interpretations of my favorite subject: architecture. This selection was not a disappointment. As is always true there is a wide variation in the level of computer skill evident. I am not an expert on this department, but it is nevertheless apparent that many photographers have mastered a high degree of expertise with Photoshop. However, several of the entrants did not exercise enough care to ensure that their compositions were correctly exposed, with some areas washed-out. This of course, could be easily corrected but did nevertheless eliminate a couple of otherwise worthy entries. All in all, a very handsome competition. Thank you for inviting me to judge it.

Norman McGrath

Salisbury Cathedral, Quire and Nave
Juror's Choice

John Eaton
Aptos, CA USA
Into the hole
People's Choice

Marco Virgone
Cesano Boscone, Milano Italy
Street Ereche
Honorable Mention

Bernie Kubiak
Amherst, MA USA

Abstract, Museum of Native Americans, Washington DC
Honorable Mention

Beth Redmond
San Jose, CA USA
72nd Street Station
Honorable Mention

Brian Stern
Middletown, NJ USA
Smoke Stacks
Honorable Mention

Carol J. Truesdell
Underhill Center, VT USA


adam laskowski
toronto, on canada

Bernie Kubiak
Amherst, MA USA
Arch #2

Bernie Kubiak
Amherst, MA USA


Charles McCurry
Apollo Beach, Fl USA
New York Roof

Christine Kelly
Madison, Wisconsin USA
Westfields San Francisco Centre

Christopher Bonney
Virginia Beach, Virginia USA

8 Spruce Street

Christopher Bonney
Virginia Beach, Virginia USA
Spatial 02

CAMBRIDGE, CAMBS. United Kingdom
Central Terminal -Vaulted Ceiling Detail

ed robb
west chester, pa USA

Solid Geometry

ed robb
west chester, pa USA
Pittsburgh, PA

Erica Brown
Burlington, VT USA

Ganesh Ramachandran
Boston, MA USA


Ganesh Ramachandran
Boston, MA USA
Lisbon the Old

George S. Gati
Beekman, NY USA
Cinque Terre, Italy

Hugh Jones
Arlington, VA USA

Flowers in Berlin

Jake Weigel
University, MS USA

Jeff Seltzer
Sherman Oaks, CA USA

Jim Morse
Charlotte, VT USA


John Alden
Essex Jct., VT USA
Oxford, Christ Church Cathedral, Quire Vault

John Eaton
Aptos, CA USA

Kevin Mitchell
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


Larry A Dunn
Wolcott, VT USA
Exeter Library

lauren mazzotta
manchester center, VT USA
Working in the future

Marco Virgone
Cesano Boscone, Milano Italy

The Angles of it All

Marti Belcher
Vienna, Virginia USA
Seemingly Upward

Neville Petersen
Pretoria, Gauteng South Africa
Silwan, East Jerusalem

Philip Hopper
Brooklyn, NY USA

Time-Warner in Fog

Philip Hopper
Brooklyn, NY USA
casa spagnola

rinaldo donati
milano, italy italy
White Dove of the Desert_Needs Paint

Scott Erickson
Sequim, Washington USA

Homestead Cabin

Scott Erickson
Sequim, Washington USA
110 North Vs 105 West

Sergio Dennis
Torrance, CA USA

Thomas Holtkoetter
Aachen, Germany


Thomas Holtkoetter
Aachen, Germany
Tudor Gate

Tim Schroll
Carol Stream, Illinois USA
Jewish Museum Lobby, Brussels, Belgium 2011

Tim Wainwright
London, UK

Essex County Penitentiary, NJ, New Wing Corridor.

Trix Rosen
Jersey City, NJ USA
Imperious Walk

wilson hurst
warrensburg, missouri USA
Structural Dynamism

wilson hurst
warrensburg, missouri USA


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