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EXHIBIT Closed on January 5th 2014

Juror: Elizabeth Avedon

Juror's Choice "Innocence" by John Martin from Graton, CA USA

An enduring fascination with the photographic portrait. {sharethis} 

Each portrait reveals something of the sitter, the photographer and also of us as viewers. No one image can muster a whole and complete being, no matter how much we believe this could be so. This is the part of the photograph we create in our imagination, we fill in each crack and hole with a sort of personalized reasoning. And all these unknowns in the midst of true transparency.

Exhibit Calendar (subject to change)
Submissions Close13-Nov-13 Midnight EST
Juror' Choices Announcedby 20-Nov-13
On-Line Check-in Due28-Nov-13
Work Receipt Deadline9-Dec-13
Exhibit Opens12-Dec-13
Artists Reception5-Jan-14 3:00-5:00pm
Exhibit Closes5-Jan-14
Faces Exhibit Catalog now available at PrestoPhoto
The Darkroom Gallery Difference

    Eye contact is made or retracted, body language boastful, reticent or indecipherable. Facial expressions can be hard at work or numbly slack. While subjects have a power over these photographic outcomes, it is the choice of the photographer to coax or mute said expressions for their artistic offering.

    Juror's Statement:

    As a record number of entries were received for Faces, making the final selection for this exhibit was difficult. There were many impressive images and I found it painful to have to leave any behind. Among the many well-composed portraits, I chose images based not only on technical skills, but also on an indefinable element surrounding the expression or emotion projected. I favored images that evoked an air of mystery or clarity; a moment of joy; a secret not shared or a place we may never visit - a point in time captured in the past suggesting unknown possibilities for the future.

    Elizabeth Avedon

    Juror's Choice
    John F Martin
    Graton, California USA
    P. Mathusanth from "Portraits of Silence, Northern Sri Lanka"
    Honorable Mention
    Ashok Sinha
    New York, NY USA
    Honorable Mention
    Lori Pond
    Los Angeles, CA USA

    david james bram
    Honorable Mention
    Nate Mosseau
    Burlington, Vermont USA
    Honorable Mention
    Sheri Lynn Behr
    Edgewater, NJ USA
    Eye See You
    People's Choice
    Jef Russell
    Austin, TX USA

    Adrienne Norman
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Ahmet Can Mocan
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Ashli Fiorini
    East Syracuse, NY USA

    The Deepest Secret Nobody Knows
    Britt Anderson Lilienthal
    Burlington, Vermont USA
    Something I Need
    Brittany Cossette
    Barnesville, Minnesota USA
    Caitlin Jean
    Burlington, VT USA

    Visiting Joyce
    Candi S. Kalinsky
    Bellevue, Nebraska USA
    Chou Pomme
    Montreal, QC Canada
    Christian Thwaites
    South Burlington, VT USA

    Claude Peschel Dutombe
    Bangkok, Thailand
    girl pink
    d neumann kelly
    fairview, nj USA
    Kat Fujiroid
    Dave Levingston
    Springfield, Ohio USA

    Sissy 81
    Diane Gabriel
    Burlington, VT USA
    Find Your Breath #2
    Donatella Arione
    Guarene, Italy
    Ed Friedman
    Arlington, MA USA

    fabien jakob
    Geneve, Switzerland
    Ed Horn, Former Prisoner-of-War Stalag Luft III
    Frank Mullaney
    New York, NY USA
    Joshua and Gracie
    Geoffrey Agrons
    Kensington, CA USA

    Geoffrey Agrons
    Kensington, CA USA
    Hugo Hentoff
    Washington, DC USA
    Collette Before the Club
    James Hosking
    San Francisco, CA USA

    Jeffery Graves
    Broomfield, Colorado USA
    Evesmama: With Daddy Glenn
    Jenna Miller
    Charleston, SC USA
    Jill Shepherd
    Kent, OH USA

    Joni Kabana
    Portland, OR USA
    In Memory of Rayshine
    Kate Pollard Hoffmann
    Piscataway, NJ USA
    Kimberly Lockwood
    Somerville, MA USA

    Boy with Owl
    Margrieta Jeltema
    VERMEZZO, Italy
    Sean, Vietnam '71
    Mark Melnick
    Pasadena, CA USA
    Aged Man
    Marti Belcher
    Vienna, Virginia USA

    Michael Riordan
    Rochester, NY USA
    Boy on a Leash
    Nathan R. Smith
    New York, New York USA
    Self portrait
    Nicholas Garlab
    Gijon, Spain

    This shot was making on backstage filming
    Nickolay Fesenko
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
    Drama Queen
    Pamela Korman
    Philadelphia, PA USA
    A Stairway To...
    Paul M. Murray
    Jamestown, RI USA

    One Weird Trick
    Paula Rucket
    Boca Raton, FL USA
    Woman On A Bus
    Peter Maeck
    Lexington, MA USA
    The faces you don´t see 1
    Ricardo Reis
    Barreiro, Portugal

    Jerome Davis
    Romy John
    Austin, Texas USA
    Tanya 2
    Russ Rowland
    NY, NY USA
    Child Shiva
    Sandra Chen Weinstein
    Lake Forest, CA USA

    Sara Fields
    Austin, TX USA
    Shanu Subra
    London, UK
    Shivaji Das
    Singapore, Singapore

    Girl in Tanktop
    Stacie Turner
    West Hartford, CT USA
    Stacy Swiderski
    Fords, NJ USA
    Sinking Ships
    Stephanie Guttenplan
    Acworth, GA USA

    Tim, Nu Dutch Series
    Tom Van Eynde
    Forest Park, Il. USA
    Tommy Cha
    Bristol, South Glos UK
    Velibor Božović
    Montreal, QC Canada

    Walter Rothwell
    London, UK
    Morning Delivery
    Wayne Thomas
    Powell, WY USA
    Eric & Teresa, Martin Luther King Blvd.
    Whitten Sabbatini
    Memphis, TN USA

    • All selected entries are exhibited in our gallery and included in a full color exhibit catalog.
    • Juror's Choice receives a 30x48" vinyl exhibit banner featuring their image, free entry into a future exhibition and a free exhibition catalog.
    • Honorable Mentions receive free exhibition catalogs and free entry in a future exhibition.
    • People's Choice gains free entry into a future exhibit.
    • We offer free matting and framing of accepted entries for the duration of each of our exhibition, subject to standard sizes. Photographers set their own prices if they wish to sell their work and retain all rights to their photographs.

    Juror: Elizabeth Avedon

    Independent Curator, Writer, Book and Exhibition Designer. Elizabeth Avedon has forged her own path in the photography industry, collaborating with museums,  publishing houses, galleries and artists. The former Director of Photo-Eye Gallery, Santa Fe and Creative Director for The Gere Foundation, she has received awards and recognition for her exhibition design and publishing projects, including the retrospective exhibition and book: Avedon: 1949–1979 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Dallas Museum of Fine Arts; and Richard Avedon: In the American West for the Amon Carter Museum, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, and The Art Institute of Chicago, among many others. Elizabeth is a regular contributor to the award-winning Le Journal de la Photographie, profiling notable leaders in the world of Photography. Elizabeth is committed to supporting the photography community through her PhotoJournal: Website:

    Portfolio Reviews include Center’s Review Santa Fe, Photolucida Critical Mass, Filter Photo Festival, ASMP-NY, 10Best10, and SlowExposures Photo Festivals.    


    Upcoming Exhibits

    Juror's Choice: "Delicate and Unique" by Greg Bennett from Hampden, ME USA

    War & Peace - Deadline June 10, 2015

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