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EXHIBIT OPENS ON March 30th, 2017
Artists' Reception scheduled for April 9th, 2017

Juror: Gary Samson

Juror's Choice: The Sleep by Florin Ion Firimita

"And if the body were not the soul, what is the soul?" - Walt Whitman 

In the earliest days of experiments in photographic methodology the various emulsions available were too slow to permit the portrayal of the human form, and even more advanced processes like daguerreotype and tintype required lengthy motionless sitting times by the subject. Nevertheless, the human figure has been mainstay of the photographer since almost the inception of the medium. Figure photography imitating the style and subjects of classical painting constituted some of the fine art photography of the time. As technology advanced, photographers began to create their own figure photography sub-genres, ranging from the crass to the sublime.Fine art figure photography is now routinely taught in art curriculums.

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Submissions Close:22 February 17 23:59 EST
Selections Announced:by 2 March 17
On-Line Check-in Due:10 March 17
Work Receipt Deadline:27 March 17
Exhibit Opens:30 March 17
Artists' Reception:9 April 17 15:00
Exhibit Closes:23 April 17
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The Darkroom Gallery Difference

For this exhibition we're looking for examples of accomplished photography that present the human body as subject. The nude in nature, in the studio, and in more candid situations are all appropriate. And nudity is not necessary; any photo that depicts the body as an artful form to be celebrated is appropriate. 

  • Juror's Choice receives a 30x48" vinyl exhibit banner featuring their image, free entry into a future exhibition, a free exhibition catalog;
  • Honorable Mentions receive free exhibition catalogs and free entry in a future exhibition. 
  • People's Choice gains free entry into a future exhibit.
  • We offer free matting and framing of accepted entries for the duration of each of our exhibition, subject to standard sizes. Photographers set their own prices if they wish to sell their work and retain all rights to their photographs.
    Juror’s Statement:

    I want to start out by saying how impressed I am with the quality and breadth of this show, it was extremely difficult to make the final selections presented here in the gallery. This exhibition very successfully explores both traditional approaches to photographing the figure as exemplified by the direct portrait studies and the nude figures integrated into natural landscape as well as more experimental work where real risks were taken to push the idea of the figure into new and exciting visual territory. It is very apparent that the photographers included in the show have a solid understanding of the history of photography and how the nude figure fits into the medium as fine art subject matter.

    The great intimacy found in some of the work here is to be highly commended as well as the willingness to push boundaries and reinterpret the figure through the use of bold color, strong compositions and innovative ways to look at the human form. 

    Gary Samson
    Chair, Photography Department
    New Hampshire Institute of Art
    Manchester, NH

    The Sleep
    Juror's Choice

    Florin Ion Firimita
    Winchester, CT United States
    Suliya and Aja
    Honorable Mention

    Cory Rice
    Brooklyn, New York United States
    Crash Landing 3
    Honorable Mention


    Honorable Mention

    Scott Kuckler
    Exeter, NH USA
    Reflected Bodies

    Andreas Theologitis
    Athens, Greece
    Adam & Eve

    Ángel Gurría-Quintana
    Cambridge, United Kingdom


    Nashua, NH USA
    Woman and Wall

    Bert Halstead
    Belmont, MA USA
    Insomnia (2017)

    Billy Monday
    Frederick, MD USA

    Wake Up Older (2016)

    Billy Monday
    Frederick, MD USA

    Brittney Cathey-Adams
    Santa Cruz, California United States
    Unfair Winter #1

    Candi S. Kalinsky
    Omaha, Nebraska USA

    "Rising" (Limited Edition 1/30)

    Carl Rubino
    Wilmington, New York United States
    Self Made

    Chadric Devin
    Lincoln, NE USA
    Awaiting Perseus

    Charles Laurier Dufour
    Belfast, ME USA

    Boiling River

    Chloe Schoppmeyer
    Manchester, NH USA
    Bodies 1

    Courtney Stannard
    medusa, new york USA
    Kat and Brooke in Wirepass Canyon

    Dave Levingston
    Springfield, Ohio USA

    Melissa and Stevie

    Dave Levingston
    Springfield, Ohio USA
    New Mexico Nude, 1998, #4

    Dave Rudin
    Brooklyn, NY USA
    Nude, Nevada, 2010, #1

    Dave Rudin
    Brooklyn, NY USA

    Bare Bulb 2

    david henningsen
    poughkeepsie, new york USA
    The Visitor

    Florin Ion Firimita
    Winchester, CT United States
    The Reader

    Florin Ion Firimita
    Winchester, CT United States

    Dew Drops

    Gary Field
    Tewksbury, MA USA
    Man and Dictionary

    George Reisch
    CHICAGO, IL United States
    Water Nymph

    Jocelyn Young
    Placentia, CA USA


    john prochera
    Averill Park, New York USA

    Katarina Silva
    Newport News, VA USA
    "Window to the world"

    Kent Potter
    Hampton, Virginia USA


    Kris Enos
    New York, NY USA
    K at Bolton, 2016

    Lance Keimig
    Pembroke, MA USA
    Untitled (2497)

    Lucas James

    A Study in Beauty

    Mara Zaslove
    Santa Monica, Ca USA
    Memories Past

    Mara Zaslove
    Santa Monica, CA USA

    Melissa Peterson
    Manchester, NH USA


    Merethe Wessel-Berg
    Oslo, Norway
    The Widow

    Michael Berkowitz
    Kew Gardens, NY USA

    Michael Pannier
    Greenville, SC USA


    Patrick Whitaker
    Newcastle, WA USA

    Ron St. Jean
    Dover, NH USA
    Salix alaxensis

    Sarah A Manriquez
    Fairbanks, AK United States


    Scott Kuckler
    Exeter, NH USA

    Scott Kuckler
    Exeter, NH USA
    Beauty to Landscape

    Shivani Goel
    Chicago, IL USA


    Stephen Milne
    Alliston, Ontario Canada
    Escape from the tunnel

    Stewart Atkins
    Ealing, London UK
    Second Time Around: Bonsai Back

    Susan Rosenberg Jones
    New York, NY USA

    The River Won't Hold You

    Timo Evon
    Burlington, VT USA
    My Maja

    Ward George
    East Palo Alto, California USA

    William Earle
    Coatesville, Pa USA


    William Earle
    Coatesville, Pa USA

Juror: Gary Samson

Gary Samson is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer. His work is in private and public collections including the Currier Gallery of Art, the University of New Hampshire and the National Archives, Washington, D.C. He is the author of three books on New Hampshire history and has photographically illustrated other books on Ghana, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and New Orleans. 

After graduating from Franklin Institute in Boston in 1971, he came to UNH as the photo lab technician in Media Services, Dimond Library. In 1974, he began producing films and exhibitions on New Hampshire history and culture. It was during this period that he came to appreciate the importance of creating and preserving photographic collections for future generations. He later worked with German photographer Lotte Jacobi creating a film biography and establishing an archive of her work at Dimond Library, UNH. 

Gary left the university in 2000 when he was appointed the chair of the BFA Photography program at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. He has had a long relationship with the Institute starting in 1981. He  established the Certificate in Photography Program in 1984 and has taught photography courses and workshops there for thirty-six consecutive years.

 His personal approach to photography is to make extended portraits over a period of time. “I see the process of creating a portrait as a collaboration between myself and the subject in the subject's familiar environment. That environment is an instrumental part of the portrait, revealing a facet of the subject's character. While I am setting up my camera, I try to draw the subject out in conversation and the ensuing dialogue will shape my portrayal of the individual. And like the portrait photographer Arnold Newman, I often prefer to use a view camera and black-and-white film to create my photographic portraits.”

 Gary’s most recent exhibition was “Unburdened Beauty: A Decade of Nude Portraits” at the Vermont Center for Photography in September, 2016.


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