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Past Darkroom Gallery Master History

Hugh Jones
Arlington, VA USA
My moniker in college was Indiana Jones. I'd rather see/make something new, original and imperfect than copy Ansel Adams or Man Ray.I like to think outside the box, to explore, e.g., combine unrelated ideas or explore boundaries:"My most important problem was to destroy the line of demarcation that separates what seems real from what seems fantastic. Because in the world that I was trying to evoke that barrier didn't exist."(Gabriel García Márquez 1969)Another approach: explore the infinite - large and small:  "To see a world in a grain of sand,And a heaven in a wild flower,Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,And eternity in an hour."(William Blake: Auguries of Innocence)There are no mistakes, only opportunities.It's a dangerous approach - but, then again, life is short. Camera Obscura J. Literature & Photography; F-Stop Magazine; The Photo Review; WPGA Pollux, Jacob Riis; permanent collection Kinsey Institute; Spider, B&W Magazine; many others.


Make Believe

Escher was a Flatlander
Real Life

Dominoes, San Juan

Torre Del Mangia, Siena Italy
Trick of the Eye

all the worlds a stage
Lost and Found

bal masque
Lost and Found

Frida found
Color Story

Dali and Clown
Rare Earth

enso, Mekong Delta
Photography by Design

Thunder, Iguazu Falls

a sinking realization
Honorable Mention
Macro / Micro: Photographic Extremes

Iguazu Falls, Argentina
Macro / Micro: Photographic Extremes

El Ateneo Bookstore, Buenos Aires
Macro / Micro: Photographic Extremes

occhi del gatto, Roma
The Human Form

The Built Environment

Cinque Terre, Italy
Four Corners of the Earth

Blooming Universe
Natural Playground

Natural Playground


Dorothy In Oz


Jiving With Miro
Road Trip!

Guilin, China
Road Trip!

Miami Beach
Road Trip!

Reflecting Pool, Washington, DC
Road Trip!

To The Stars
People's Choice
Road Trip!

Colosseum, Rome
Digital Concept/Digital Construct

Binary Soup
Digital Concept/Digital Construct

Bridge At Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
Digital Concept/Digital Construct

Vie De Boheme
Digital Concept/Digital Construct

Hand Jive
The Arrangement

Alice in Wonderland
The Arrangement

The Arrangement

Woman With Shadow
Scene on the Street

Woman with Burka, Washington, DC
Scene on the Street

Flower Market, Hoi An, Vietnam
After Dark

Starship 2000, LA County Fair
After Dark

Dancing In Heaven's River
Managed Landscapes

Post Constructivist Man
Interactive Portraits

People of Hoi An Vietnam 1


Upcoming Exhibits


After 99 Exhibitions we're taking a break. 

Over the next month or two we are planning to do some work on our web site and better organize and advertise our inventory of fabulous prints we have been collecting. We also want to host a few more workshops and photographer community events.

Once we regroup, for our 100th exhibit, we are planning to host our 4th Champlain Valley Photo Slam Probably in November/December.

We really appreciate all the support we have received over the last seven years and queries from eager photographers about future exhibitions.

Stay tuned! 


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