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Danyelle Farrell
Boston, Lincolnshire UK
Born and raised in Liverpool in the 1980’s and with a background in the military, Danyelle Farrell (ROLLA) is a social documentary photographer whose practice explores the contemporary British class system and its mis/representation. Through her playful presentation, aimed at engaging non-traditional audiences, combined with her own experience and intensive participant observer research practices she seeks to challenge stereotypes employed by the media that so often demonise the working class.




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Upcoming Exhibits


After 99 Exhibitions we're taking a break. 

Over the next month or two we are planning to do some work on our web site and better organize and advertise our inventory of fabulous prints we have been collecting. We also want to host a few more workshops and photographer community events.

Once we regroup, for our 100th exhibit, we are planning to host our 4th Champlain Valley Photo Slam Probably in November/December.

We really appreciate all the support we have received over the last seven years and queries from eager photographers about future exhibitions.

Stay tuned! 


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