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Join us Friday October 31st 5:30 PM for our Mirror, Mirror Artists' Reception
Masks are Optional!

Juror's Choice: The Pathologizers, 2 by Maureen Price

Our Current Exhibit: Mirror, Mirror
Open 10/9 Thru 11/2/2014
Artists' Reception October 31st 5:30-7:30PM

Mirror, Mirror

  • The Pathologizers, 2

    Maureen Price Glendale, CA USA This image is from an ongoing body of work exploring my experience of depression and chronic insomnia. I'm interested in creating a visual narrative of these struggles and the treatment and pervasive stigma still associated with these issues. Equipment: Print Media:Archival Pigment Print (signed)

  • Ajitter 5

    Russ Rowland NY, NY USA Equipment: Print Media:Digital print

  • Torn

    Alice Mountain View, CA USA This photograph was taken to capture the turmoil I was feeling over a choice that nearly led to me losing a friendship. Equipment:Canon 5d Mark III | 35L | f/2.5 | 1/40 | ISO 800 Print Media:

  • Ajitter 3

    Russ Rowland NY, NY USA Sometimes I feel a great unease…. Equipment:digital camera Print Media:Digital print

  • Prospect

    Rachael Banks Little Elm, TX USA Equipment: Print Media:Signed Archival Pigment Print

  • Mary M.

    Ashley Feagin Albion, MI USA Equipment: Print Media:Chromogenic Color Print

  • Rebirth

    Nicholas Abriola Bethany, CT USA Change is part of life and change becomes us. A renewal of the spirit is necessary for survival. Equipment:Canon EOS 500D Print Media:Archival Pigment Print, Signed Edition of 15

  • Chair Portrait #5

    Leif Carlson Savannah, GA USA Equipment:Nikon D7000 Print Media:Inkjet Print

  • Smoke Portrait #1

    Leif Carlson Savannah, GA USA Equipment:Nikon D7000 Print Media:Inkjet Print

  • Seven years! Only seven years!

    Glenna Jennings Dayton, OH USA Image from the Series "Raskolnikov," in which 13 different subjects donned my high school cheerleading uniform to stand in as my former self. Narratives were loosely related to Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment." Equipment: Print Media:archival pigment print

  • Icarus

    Linda Wilson South Bend, IN USA Equipment: Print Media:Digital print of photogravure image

  • The Path Around the Path

    Candi S. Kalinsky Bellevue, Nebraska USA Equipment: Print Media:Pigment Print

  • In a Torrent of Tribulations

    Candi S. Kalinsky Bellevue, Nebraska USA Equipment: Print Media:Pigment Print

  • The broken woman

    Émili Bermúdez Tenerife - Islas Canarias, Santa Cruz de Tenerife Spain Equipment: Print Media:

  • Uncertainty

    Megan Dill West Point, NY USA This photograph was part of a series of therapeutic self-portraits taken during my second pregnancy. My first birth experience was traumatic. In this photograph, I aimed to capture the uncertainty I had as I approached this new birth experience. Equipment:Canon 5D Mark III, Lensbaby Sweet 35 Print Media:Print from digital file

  • "Inside Looking Out"

    Marianne Smith Dalton Cazenovia, NY USA Self portrait of the photographer in black and white. Equipment:Canon 5D Mark II Print Media:Print Media

  • Framed Self-Portrait

    Eric Rennie Cromwell, CT USA Using myself as the subject, I wanted to show -- a bit whimsically perhaps -- what Susan Sontag was getting at when she said "to photograph is to frame, and to frame is to exclude." Equipment: Print Media:Digital Photograph

  • Blustery Day

    Natassia Doubleoseven Green Valley, AZ USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • The Root to All Evil

    Stanley Olivera Brooklyn, NEw York USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • At the edge of light

    Babak Pejman Aryan Austin, Texas USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • Dinner

    Katherine C. Clayton Hoopeston, IL USA Depicting longing and continued hope, a woman waits for her husband. She doesn't know if or when he will be returning, but she dutifully sets the table every night for fear of what might happen if she stops setting his place. Equipment:Canon 5d Mark ii with Lensbaby soft focus lens Print Media:Archival Inkjet Print

  • Winter

    Katherine C. Clayton Hoopeston, IL USA From a self-portrait series entitled, "Mother Dreams". "Winter" was created down a muddy road in the middle of an Illinois snowstorm. A digital camera with a pinhole lens gives a soft dream-like quality to the image. Equipment:Canon 5D Mark ii with pinhole lens Print Media:Archival Inkjet

  • Untitled

    Ashley Cummings Rio Rancho, New Mexico USA Self portrait from the series Enlaced Equipment:Nikon D7000 Print Media:Digital Print

  • Pink Petty Coat, from Antiquated Truths series

    Natalie Barbosa Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil Antiquated Truths is living in the past. The state of mind craves an update, subconsciously or otherwise, which requires you to shed your corset limitations and accept the new and exposed truths in front of you. Equipment: Print Media:

  • Beached

    thomas Durand Randolph, ma USA The sock monkey doll became a subject of my photography shortly after a particularly personal time of crisis.These handmade depression era dolls were the perfect figures to express the seemingly never-ending, raw emotions that I had bottled up. Equipment: Print Media:gelatin silver print

  • "Why do you have to kill me after taking my virginity?"-Mirror

    Guanyu Xu Chicago, IL USA This is one image from my staged photographic project "Why do you have to kill me after taking my virginity?". It is a response to the unequal fact of how people see homosexuals. Additionally, it reveals the influences and the problems of mass media. Equipment:Film Camera Print Media:Inkjet Print on Hahnemühle Paper, 16x20 inches, Edition 2/10

  • Athens, 2012

  • I would like to keep this clandestine

    Hazel Davies Yateley, Hampshire UK www.cargocollective.com/HazelDavies Equipment: Print Media:

  • I shot myself

  • Ghostly Presence

    Holly Thompson New Braunfels, TX USA Using a long exposure to capture movement, I wanted to represent my feelings of invisibility in my own life. Being a wife and mother, who I am gets lost... especially being a mom to a child with special needs. Do I matter? Equipment:Nikon D700 | 35mm | f/16 | ISO 100 | SS 1.6 Print Media:gallery choice

  • Frankie Cicero -mugshots series

    Yoko Haraoka Astoria, NY USA As facial expressions, hand gestures and extreme emotions have always fascinated me, I focused on people's attitudes that come from anger, guilt, shame, vulnerability, and humiliation that are created in daily incidents. Equipment:DSLR Print Media:Archival Inkjet Print

  • In Love

    Magda Lates Paris, France Self-portrait Equipment: Print Media:

  • Ad Lucem

    Patricia Christakos Cazenovia, New York USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • Let Us Be Free

    Clementine Manchester, UK I may not have everything but I'm free, you can't take that away from me. Ooh la la Photography Equipment: Print Media:

  • Red Umbrella

    Peggy Reynolds Essex Jct., VT USA Equipment:Canon T2i Print Media:

  • Big Brother

    Brian Swift New York, NY United States Self-portrait in Big Brother from Alacritous MCMLXXXIV Collection. Equipment: Print Media:Inkjet Print

  • Window to the Soul

    Lukasz Snopkiewicz Solihull, West Midlands United Kingdom Look deep within, what do you see? Equipment: Print Media:

  • Incipit : Marianne

    Coralie Fournier-Moris Nantes, France “This is an autobiographical work where the intimacy of the body and its experiences are staged in a poetic way. The result is intended to strike a balance between physical torture and photographic magic." Equipment: Print Media:Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta, 315g

  • Tranquility

    Erika Masterson Satellite beach, Fl USA One handful of Tranquility… Fine Art Giclee Print From series "Dream Synergy" www.erikamasterson.com Equipment: Print Media:Fine Art Giclee print

  • Bird Tree

    Erika Masterson Satellite beach, Fl USA I was drowning inside myself…then I decided to just breathe. Fine Art Giclee Print From the "Dream Synergy" series www.erikamasterson.com Equipment: Print Media:Fine Art Giclee print

  • Portrait 3

    Anton Trofymov Brooklyn, NY USA This photo from series Letter to the Motherland. This is a series of "postcard" - self-portraits against the backdrop of significant places for me in New York, that I send home. Shot on a film large-format camera, 2010-2011 years. Equipment: Print Media:Gelatin Silver Print on a Ffiber Based Paper

  • self-portrait with a mirror

    Anna Eroshenko Boston, MA USA From the series Strong Equilibrium. Equipment: Print Media:

  • Untitled Selfportrait

    Anna Eroshenko Boston, MA USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • Walking On Eggshells

    Mark S. Zimmerman Jacksonville, FL USA This image is evidence of a private performance. Lightbulbs were dropped dangerously close to the feet of the performer. We are delicate, sentimental objects. Each lightbulb represents a single moment, shattered from failure, proof of validity. Equipment: Print Media:Inkjet Print

  • Where It Hurts

    María Alejandra Mata Brighton, MA USA Equipment: Print Media:Digital Print


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Join us Friday October 31st 5:30 PM for our Mirror, Mirror Artists' Reception
Masks are Optional!

Juror's Choice: The Pathologizers, 2 by Maureen Price

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