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Submissions to Far Away Places close in
Our Current Exhibit: Wheels
Open 9/11 Thru 10/5/2014
Artists' Reception September 20th 5:30-7:30PM


  • Derby Eyes

    Christine Pearl Washington, DC USA A derby driver and his girlfriend wait in the lineup at the Allegany County Fair demolition derby in Cumberland, Maryland. Equipment: Print Media:Archival Inkjet Print

  • No Overnight Parking

    Alan Strassman Weston, MA U.S.A. One of an ongoing project, "Abandoned Roadside America" Equipment: Print Media:

  • Sleeping at the Museum

    Daniel J Elliott Brooklyn, NY USA Elderly man in a wheelchair, sleeping in front of John Currin's "The Old Fence" at the Whitney Museum, 2003. New York, NY. Equipment:Leica M4-P shot on Fuji Color Negative Film Print Media:Digital C Print

  • Back from summer vacation

    Kimberly Lane Social Circle, GA USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • Special delivery

    Kimberly Lane Social Circle, GA USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • Life in the fast lane

    Kimberly Lane Social Circle, GA USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • The last hippie

    Kimberly Lane Social Circle, GA USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • Bolt

    Marta Manning Midland, MI USA Equipment:Olympus OM88 f5.6 Print Media:gelatin silver

  • Ford

    Norma McGehee Woodward Fredericksburg, VA USA At a nearby junkyard, a store full of automobile accessory parts offers the possibility of images which evoke vintage cars no longer in use. These dusty circular items lying on a table were clearly labeled "Ford". Equipment:Canon 7D, f2.8, 1/90 sec, ISO200, 35mm Print Media:Digital Print

  • Crashed

    Norma McGehee Woodward Fredericksburg, VA USA The broken window, the empty front seat and the steering wheel isolated from the rest of the vehicle make one imagine a sad story of an automobile accident and unknown victims. Equipment:Canon 7D, f/8, 1/180 sec, ISO320, 17mm Print Media:Digital Print

  • The Metro

    Norma McGehee Woodward Fredericksburg, VA USA Abandoned vehicles make interesting subjects which evoke questions. Who used this truck? For what? When? The vintage look indicates it was long ago. But the mystery remains. Equipment:Canon 7D, f/6.7, 1/45 sec, ISO 800, 17mm Print Media:Digital Print

  • Bike on the Dike

    Kendall Rattner Edgewood, NM USA In the Netherlands, everyone bikes, even men in suits. This dike is a good distance from the city, and provides a beautiful, calm and quiet time to collect your thoughts before and after work. Equipment:Nikon D40 Print Media:

  • Truck

    Christine Pearl Washington, DC USA A family spends the afternoon track side watching the demolition derby in Upperco, Maryland. Equipment: Print Media:Archival Inkjet Print

  • Arcadia

    Christine Pearl Washington, DC USA The son and family dog of a derby driver next to his car at the demolition derby in Upperco, Maryland. Equipment: Print Media:Archival Inkjet Print

  • Wheel Barrow

    Yosuke Terada Queens, NY USA Shot on Fuji Pro 400. Chile, 2013. Equipment:Film Camera Print Media:

  • Bad weather

    Robert M Burden Rochester, NY USA I've been told that bad weather makes for good pictures. Must be true. Equipment:Canon 1d mk lll Print Media:

  • Joe, Dakota & Ray 2014

    Beth Reynolds Greenfield, MA USA Equipment:Nikon D3, ISO 400, F4 @ 1/500 Print Media:Digital Ink Jet Print


    John Kopp Ramsey, NJ USA Old Yellow is part of a body of work called Deconstruct and Reconstruct. I have always been fascinated with man-made objects such as cars, trains, trolleys and motorcycles. I love the colors, shapes and forms of these objects. Equipment:Canon G10 Print Media:

  • B/W volkswagen NYC

    Len Speier New York, NY USA Equipment: Print Media:Ink jet print

  • Shopping Carts, Long Island

    Len Speier New York, NY USA Equipment: Print Media:ink jet print

  • Arriving Home

    Chris Burt Dallas, TX USA The Everett brothers private auto collection that was given to them by their Grandfather. The Grandfather owned a Phillips 66 station on route 66 and traded train tickets for broken cars to those traveling west to California in the 40's and 50's. Equipment:Canon Elan 7e Print Media:Digital pigment print from scanned negative

  • Off Road

    Chris Burt Dallas, TX USA A junked Dodge D100 pick up on the side of I-40 near San Jon, New Mexico. Equipment:Canon 40D Print Media:Digital pigment print

  • Scar

    Macic Italian Riviera, Italy Seagulls. Sun, seaside. A small shipyard. Inside. Semi-trailers, stacked one on another. A scar on a tyre. No pain, just silence. More silence. Leaving this once industrious, now dead, workplace. Ocean noise. Nobody around. Seagulls. Equipment:Kodak DCS PRO, Nikkor 50 f/1.4, Pentax SpotmeterV Print Media:

  • His Big Day

    Natalie Fay Green Bethesda, MD USA Equipment:Nikon Df, 24mm, ISO 2000, f/4.0, 1/800 Print Media:

  • Banked

    R.A. Hennessy Washington, DC USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • Neck and Neck

    R.A. Hennessy Washington, DC USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • Gondolas

    Pete McCutchen Alexandria, VA USA The World's Biggest Ferris Wheel, now open fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Equipment:Nikon D800E, Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 lens at 50mm Print Media:Archival Inkjet Print

  • Emergency Exit

    Pete McCutchen Alexandria, VA USA Why is an Opel GT sitting atop a school bus? Equipment:Nikon D800E, Nikon 105mm f/2.8 macro lens. Print Media:Archival Inkjet Print

  • Capsized

    Pete McCutchen Alexandria, VA USA Equipment:Nikon D800E, Nikon 14-24 f/2.8 lens at 14mm Print Media:Archival Inkjet Print

  • outback

    Patrizio Cipollini Roma, RM Italy i look to rusty objects with a growing fascination, they are a sign of a glorious past. outback - australia Equipment:nikon D70s, 28-200 optic Print Media:

  • Cyclist, Copenhagen

    Mark Melnick Pasadena, CA USA In Copenhagen, sixty percent of the city's workers commute by bicycle. Equipment:Canon 5D MkIII Print Media:Chromogenic Print

  • 1958 Pontiac Star Chief

    Sean K. Sullivan Natick, MA USA This image is part of my ongoing classic automobile series, Classic Style. I use the frame to compose images that possess a strong graphic quality and enable the viewer to focus in on these intricate details that otherwise might go unnoticed. Equipment:Canon EOS 40D + EF 28-80mm f/2.8-4L USM lens Print Media:Archival Inkjet Print

  • Rolling On By

    Lynn Thomas Temple, Texas United States Photo taken as a train came through the station early one evening. The train station in Temple Tx is historic as well as an active station with Amtrak making many stops there a day.I was very lucky to catch the blur as I stood on an inactive track. Equipment:Panasonic DMC FZ30 Print Media:Digital Print

  • Smash 04_Nissan Fairlady_1/35 scale

    Jean-Marie Guyaux Long Island City, New York USA Smashed toy cars lying among debris on city streets evoke images of broken and forgotten dreams. Their scale blended into a real life backdrop creates a surreal stage juxtaposing images of childhood with the perplexing landscape of adulthood. Equipment: Print Media:Fuji Crystal Archival

  • Crash 57_Toyota Corolla 2006

    Jean-Marie Guyaux Long Island City, New York USA The graphic beauty of a wrecked automobile is a remnant of past glory. Once created with a passion for exquisite design, color and texture the wrecked automobile becomes an abstract puzzle, a blend of color, line and picture plane. Equipment: Print Media:Fuji Crystal Archival

  • Mine Truck in Shop

    Hal Beesley La Canada, CA USA Nevada Gold Mine Haul Truck in Maintenance Shop Equipment:Nikon F100, 24-85 mm lens, Portra 800 film Print Media:RA4 Print

  • Roosevelt Island Roller Girls

    Dollie Banner New York, NY USA I like to place inanimate objects in real environments to achieve a manufactured reality. Here two friends prepare to roller skate on the southern tip of Roosevelt Island, a quite space cocooned by New York City. Equipment:Sony NEX Print Media:c-print

  • Morning Skate

    Dollie Banner New York, NY USA A day in the country. I wanted to recreate the way I skated as a child, with the sidewalk in front of my house as my rink. Hopefully the image captures a single believable moment that the viewer can visualize continuing. Equipment:Sony NEX Print Media:c-print

  • Mud, Sky and Dirt Bikes

    Amanda Lass Waterville, VT USA The juxtaposition of Mud, Sky and Dirt bikes lend this photograph not only a sense of action but a sense of calming beauty. Many times in racing we only focus on the loud ever present noise of the machines and not on the beauty that surrounds them. Equipment:Canon 40D, 135mm, 1/3200 at f/7.1 Print Media:Epson Luster Paper

  • Willets Point Father and Daughter

    Stephen F Sherman Bronx, NY USA Father and Daughter under the Willets Point El station Equipment:Canon 5D MKII Print Media:Archival Monochrome Pigment Ink Print

  • Las Vegas Traffic

    Will Hoskins Essex Junction, Vermont USA I was in Las Vegas for one day at the end of a trip to the area. I have mixed feelings about the whole idea of Las Vegas, but the lights, shapes and colors are a photographic wonderland. Equipment:Canon EOS 5D 1/20s f/5.6 at 40.0mm iso800 Print Media:13 x 19 Signed Print, Epson Hot-Press paper

  • American Oasis

    George Hamlin Fairfax, Virginia USA A welcome sight when traveling at night; the well-lit gas station/convenience store. Fuel for the vehicle and refreshment/sustenance for the travelers. Equipment:Nikon D90 Print Media:Digital Prints

  • Lucky Service

    Kevin Lozaw San Anselmo, CA USA My friend is a car nut. One of his coveted “nuts” is this beautiful, silver, ‘37 Plymouth. The combination of old school gas station plus toned B&W printing projected the perfect film noir mood. Why don’t they make cars like this anymore? Equipment:Nikon D700 70mm F8 Print Media:Fine Art Giclée Print on Exhibition Fiber Paper

  • Newton's First Law

    Denis Sivack Brooklyn, New York USA Equipment: Print Media:Film capture, archival pigment print on fibre rag

  • Wheel in the Sky

    Karen J. Lloyd Winooski, VT USA Few amusement rides symbolize the essence of a fair like the Ferris wheel. Giving an unparalleled view of the adventures below, it allows us to journey beyond our usual ground destinations. Equipment:Fujifilm FinePix Z Print Media:Fujicolor Crystal Archive Print, UV Glass, Signed

  • Cab Blur, NYC

    Daniel J Elliott Brooklyn, NY USA Midtown Manhattan, Summer 2005. Equipment:Leica M4-P shot on Fujichrome Film Print Media:Digital C Print


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