Juried Fine Art Photography Exhibitions in a Dedicated Gallery
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Submissions to Juxtapose close in

Join us Sunday March 30th 3:30 PM for our Illumine Artists' Reception

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Juror's Choice: "Metropolitan" by Mark Melnick from Pasadena, CA USA

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Our Current Exhibit: Illumine
Open 3/6 Thru 3/30/2014
Artists' Reception March 30th 4:30-6:30PM


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  • Metropolitan

    Mark Melnick Pasadena, CA USA Amazingly, New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art allows cameras. Here is a beautiful space, photographed at night, rendered in three High Dynamic Range exposures. Equipment:Canon 5D MkII, ISO 1600, 24mm at f/2.8, bracketed Print Media:Archival pigment & paper, signed & numbered 1/20

  • A gig

    Thamyres V Matarozzi RIO DE JANEIRO, RJ BRAZIL The Foo Fighters in Prague Equipment: Print Media:

  • New York at Night 1

    Russ Rowland NY, NY USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • ...from the series Rodeo Drive #4

    Michael Butler Pacific Palisades, California USA Equipment: Print Media:inkjet print on exhibition fiber paper with archival ink

  • Main Courtyard Dusk

    Kip Harris Indian Harbour, Nova Scotia Canada Taken at Machu Picchu April 2011. Equipment:Leica M8, 35 mm / 1.4 lens Print Media:Digital capture, Ink Jet Print

  • Thom's Exhale, Viera, Florida 2013

    Sean Black Merritt Island, Florida USA Equipment: Print Media:Archival Inkjet Print

  • Continuity

    Dan Herrera Sacramento, CA USA Edition of 3 (+2AP) Equipment: Print Media:Cyanotype & 4-Color Gum Bichromate on Watercolor Paper

  • Dani's priceless fortune

    Luca Nicolini Rovereto, Trento Italy From the series "Witnesses", a project that seeks to make a reflection about photography itself; and more particularly about its ability to manipulate the reality and its meaning. Limited edition: 1 of 5 copies. Equipment:Canon 5d mark II. Canon lens 24-105 f. 4 Print Media:

  • The Myth of Sisyphus

    Geoffrey Agrons Kensington, CA USA Eucalyptus stand and encroaching fog, Point Reyes, California. Equipment:Hasselblad 503CW, Zeiss Distagon 4/40 T* Print Media:Palladium print on Arches Platine

  • Canyon Twist

    Joy Yagid Maplewood, NJ USA A trip to Antelope Canyon is a surreal experience. One you will share with the other 1499 other people in the 6 mile long and not very wide canyon. You can't shoot level and not get people in the shot. You need to look up and shoot and be rewarded. Equipment:Nikon D600 Print Media:Digital photography

  • Sunset Roller

    Thamyres V Matarozzi RIO DE JANEIRO, RJ BRAZIL Summer in Paris, 2012 Equipment: Print Media:

  • rock n roll lights

    Nur Merlo Torino, Italy Even in the 21st century rock n roll is able to light up people souls Equipment: Print Media:

  • carson

    Madiha Abdo London, United kingdom England Equipment:Canon 600d Print Media:Photography

  • Untitled #1 1900 S. Prairie Ave. Chicago, IL.

    Caroline Heitkamp Savannah, GA USA Equipment: Print Media:Archival Inkjet Print

  • Gun emplacement, Bunker Z93<br> after a sandstorm, Wadi Zitoune Battlefield<br> Tobruk perimeter, Libya, WWII

    Matthew Arnold New York, NY USA This image is part of a larger project entitled, "Topography Is Fate: North African Battlefields of World War II," published as a monograph by the German publisher, Kehrer Verlag. It considers the enduring North African landscapes after WWII. Equipment:Medium Format Digital Print Media:Archival Inkjet Print

  • Iron Pour V

    David Quinn Setauket, NY USA Equipment: Print Media:inkjet

  • New York at Night 4

    Russ Rowland NY, NY USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • Section Closed

    Niko J Kallianiotis Scranton, PA USA From my most recent project, Bittersweet Apple. Equipment: Print Media:13x19

  • Lonely Walk

    Niko J Kallianiotis Scranton, PA USA From my most recent project Bittersweet Apple Equipment: Print Media:13x19

  • "Sun #4, 2013" from Blinding Light series

    Nicole White Chicago, IL USA The "Blinding Light" work is primarily concerned with the effects of photographic overexposure. My hope is to replicate the experience of distorted vision that results from looking directly at the sun. Equipment:4x5" camera Print Media:Archival Inkjet Print

  • Frozen

    Karen Cohen Waxhaw, NC USA Captured in Savannah Georgia after the temperatures plummeted, this mythical figure was coated in ice and illuminated by a spark of sunlight. Equipment:Nikon D80 Shutter 1/500 @5.6 Print Media:Archival Print

  • Green Energy

    Christopher Jordan Tuscaloosa, Alabama USA This image explores the liminal space between dreaming and waking, darkness and light, private and public. The figure haunts the domestic setting in the depths of night. The play of light serves the scene both graphically and psychologically. Equipment:Digital SLR Print Media:Archival Pigment Print

  • Two to Tango

    eldred boze Wardensville, WV USA Taken in Buenos Aires at a tango performance at the final step of a dance selection. Equipment:Sony A350 Print Media:Inkjet

  • Smoke Break

    Jim Barker Charlotte, VT USA Equipment:Nikon D800 Print Media:Pigment ink

  • Untitled 01 from the Useless Beauty series

    Terry Towery NYC, NY USA digital reproduction of an 8x10 Platinum Palladium print Equipment: Print Media:Platinum palladium

  • Homage

    Mark Melnick Pasadena, CA USA Manhattan inspires every artist, particularly in winter, when her subterranean infrastructure reveals itself in a myriad of ways. This is on Madison Avenue at 58th Street, very late on a January afternoon. Equipment:Canon 5D MkII, 70mm, ISO 800, f/2.8, 1/200th Print Media:Archival pigment & paper, signed & numbered 1/20

  • Passage

    merav naor-weinstock Tel-Mond, Hasharon Israel We walk through life with a unique story to tell...it is our story. With each step we take we change our path towards the unknown our future. Our shoes are a still testimony to our past, present and sometimes future. Each has a tail to tell Equipment:canon 5D Markiii, 85 prime1.2f, slave flash Print Media:

  • Atlanta Storm

    Vicky Stromee Tucson, AZ USA This image is from the series "Dreams of Flight" Equipment:Nikon D3x, 35mm, ISO 1600, f6.3, 1/80 Print Media:archival inkjet

  • Third Day

    Jeff Mitchum Carlsbad, CA USA Fifteen years in the making, Third Day is the internationally-acclaimed masterwork of renowned landscape photographer, Jeff Mitchum. Taken in the Eastern Sierras, it is the winner of several awards including the prestigious Maria Luisa. Edition of 40 Equipment:Hasselblad H4D 35-90 mm Print Media:Fuji Crystal Archival Photographic Paper

  • Stranger in the Tunnel

    Suzanne Engelberg Tiburon, CA USA This image was taken at dusk, with the intention of creating a cinematic quality and blurring the line between fantasy and reality. Equipment: Print Media:Archival inkjet print

  • Worn Words

    Kristen R. Perala Fargo, North Dakota USA I utilized light in this photograph to reveal the texture of the book and the weathered surroundings showing the effect of time and abandonment on an object. By adding the overlaying wallpaper texture characteristics of the home are revealed. Equipment: Print Media:Archival Pigment Print

  • Illuminated

    Michael Lew-Smith Hardwick, VT USA Equipment: Print Media:Carbon Ink Jet Print

  • Untitled, from the series "Last Days"

    Johan Entchev helsinki, Finland Equipment: Print Media:

  • Blessing?

    Karen Janas Lombard, IL USA From a series exploring my disconnection from the religious teachings from my childhood. Equipment:Holga 120N - Arista 400 asa Black and White film Print Media:Fuji Crystal Archival photographic papzre

  • Coextensive

    wilson hurst warrensburg, missouri USA Consciousness is the accumulation of experience continuously building towards understanding, never made but always making. Avoid become too reliant on any single model of existence, as it is unnecessary to place fabricated limits on potential. Equipment:Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 Print Media:ink jet

  • Heavy Rain

    Christian Stangl Vienna, Austria During my stay in Belgrade, i watched at night a rehearsal for an audio-visual-event. Suddenly it started to rain heavily. Fortunately, the bridge was a good protection to watch the crazy weather. Equipment:Canon 5D MarkII, Nikkor AI 50/1:1,4, 1/30 sec Print Media:Fuji Crystal Archival photographic paper

  • counterpoint

    cynthia e. frantz burlington, VT USA Still Life - Bounty from the Burlington Farmer's market on a summer afternoon in Vermont. Equipment: Print Media:Inkpress Metallic Glossy

  • Blue God Whispering

    Francois Boutin Quebec City, Quebec Canada This photo represents the presence of the power of nature in our spiritual and physical surroundings, be it in a blue, stormy sky or in the hope of a better world. Photo taken in Quebec City, Canada Equipment:Nikon D7000 Print Media:Fine Art Photography

  • The Coming

    Babak P. Aryan Austin, Texas USA Equipment:Cannon 5D Print Media:

  • The Mill

    Artur Sikora Dublin, Ireland Boland's Mill, Dublin, Ireland Equipment:4x5 large format camera with 90mm lens Print Media:

  • Mannikin,Charles Jourda nstore NYC

    Len Speier New York, NY USA Traditional silver gelatin print, scanned. Equipment: Print Media:Ink jet print on Epson 3880 printer

  • Natural light street portrait, London.

    Walter Rothwell London, UK Equipment:Nikon F6, Fuji Neopan 400 film. Print Media:Silver gelatin print

  • Breath

    Mustafa Özbakır Adana, Turkey Equipment:Sony NEX-6 Print Media:Fuji Crystal Archival photographic paper

  • Chalkboard 102, from the Remnant series

    Tom Morin Houston, TX USA Chalkboards, from my larger series, Remnants, continues my focus on the transformation of common objects into abstract photographic images. Here, remains of the act and effect of visual communication are displayed over time. Equipment: Print Media:Archival Pigment Print

  • Parenting

    Edward L. Rubin Los Angeles, CA USA A chance photo taken on the set while I was art directing the FX Channel series American Horror Story, Season 2. Equipment:Nikon D5100 Print Media:Archival Ink Jet Print on Museum Quality Paper

  • Untitled

    Candi S. Kalinsky Bellevue, Nebraska USA Equipment: Print Media:pigment print

  • Airborne Sunset

    Dick Lavine Austin, Texas USA On flight from Boston to Chicago. Equipment:Nikon D70s; 1/20 sec at f/8; Nikkor 18-70mm Print Media:

  • Seaside Tree at Sunset

    Ernest McLeod Middlebury, VT USA This was taken in Split, Croatia, as we were leaving the beach. I was struck by how intensely the tree held the sunset glow, contrasting with the cool sea behind. The light also reminded me of the Russian painter Ivan Shishkin's works. Equipment:iPhone 4S Print Media:

  • Midsummer Dream

    Wil Scott Annapolis, MD USA Living near the Chesapeake Bay, weather changes quickly and dramatically. On this summer afternoon the air was heavy and moist as a storm approached. Equipment: Print Media:digital photo

  • Walking Shadows on High Line

    Michel Godts Rochester, New York USA The shadows of two pedestrians are reflected on the glass panel surrounding one of the High Line’s stairwells. (High Line, Chelsea, New York City, March 2012) Print is signed, dated, and numbered on back. A certificate of authenticity is included. Equipment: Print Media:Giclée print, archived paper and ink

  • Basalt Beach

    Paul M. Murray Jamestown, RI USA Iceland's volcanic geology is ever present in its landscape. Many beaches have fine black basalt sand and basalt rocks often with unusual shapes. Equipment:Nikon D3s,45mm,f/11,1/10s,ISO 200,Nikon 28-300mm Print Media:Color Print

  • Icelandic Lights

    Paul M. Murray Jamestown, RI USA Icelandic skies are often home to displays of the Northern Lights or aurora borealis. The phenomenon is the result of solar wind particles and ions which flow from the sun towards the earth. Equipment:Nikon D3s,14mm,f/2.8,20s,ISO 3200,Nikon 14-24mm Print Media:Color Photography

  • Red Maple Swamp Trail, Eastham, Cape Cod

    Barbara Von Eckardt Riverside, RI USA View from the boardwalk in August. Equipment:Canon Rebel Print Media:Signed ink jet print, Epson Exhibition Fiber paper

  • Personal Demon

    Brian Van de Wetering Los Angeles, California USA Ricardo Breceda's magnificent sculpture "Sand Serpent", Borrego Springs, California Equipment: Print Media:Epson archival inkjet print, Hot Press Bright

  • Watching

    Steve Stokan Austin, Texas USA Equipment: Print Media:Archival pigment print

  • Morning Light, McDonald Creek

    Tim Lamey Fargo, ND USA Equipment: Print Media:Archival pigment print on paper

  • Drowning Is Not So Pitiful #5

    Nikki Segarra Chicago, Illinois USA These handkerchiefs function as vignettes, evoking an incident that few understand. Where perceptions of aggressive drownings are often projected by the media, survivors often recount panic quickly turning into euphoria, as they slip into narcosis. Equipment:Screen Capture Print Media:Kallitype on Handkerchief (16

  • Trails

    Toralf Suemmchen Brooklyn, NY USA Equipment:Grundl. Korona 5x7" View Camera, B&L Tessar f/4.5 Print Media:Digital Print from 5x7

  • Féin Portráid 2

    Mariana Bartolomeo Tucson, AZ USA This is one image from an ongoing series of self-portraits. I began this project in 1990, whereby about once a month I take some time to question my own perceptions and perspectives about my artwork by examining myself. "Féin Portráid" is the gaelic. Equipment: Print Media:

  • Wings of Winter

    Anita Licis-Ribak Amherst, MA USA A photograph of an art installation "Shedding Light" by Erica Zekos in Amherst, MA Equipment:Nikon D80/FL 24mm/ISO 1250/3.0 sec @ f/4.0 Print Media:Chromogenic Print

MINI-INTENSIVE: Photographic Vision/Photographic­ Voice
with Polly Raine

March 30th 11:00-3:00

Your images can be more than just your preferred subject matter. There is opportunity to reflect who you are as a person and as a Photographer, to set yourself and your work apart. Details and to Register . . . .

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