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Our Current Exhibit: Into Focus: Vermont High School Student Photography
Open 4/3 Thru 4/20/2014
Artists' Reception April 11th 6:30-8:30PM

Into Focus

  • Nora

    Chloe Hotaling Charlotte, Vermont USA Equipment: Print Media:Digital

  • La Pomme

    Joji Roth Shelburne, Vermont USA I took this photo in one of my favorite places in the world, a small paradise in Maine. It is the beauty of simplicity. Equipment:Minolta xg-9 Print Media:

  • Wellspring Hearts

    Paige Schoppmann Huntington, Vermont USA There is a sea without water/or a shore/to rest in/There is a little black box/behind my eyes/where I can hear it rolling/through my head/Under my skin/there is a sea I've been drowning in/(I want to/show you/the wellspring/my heart/hides in). ~JB Equipment: Print Media:Digital Media

  • lonesome happiness

    thomas Morissville, Vermont USA This pice is of my little brother at night underneath a street light during a snowstorm. After a half hour of frozen fingers and runny noses I finally got the shot, leaving both of us satisfied with the image. Equipment: Print Media:

  • Liam Jennings Underhill, Vermont USA Equipment:Canon 7D, Sigma 10-20 f/4-5.6 @f/16 for 1/3s Print Media:Epson 7900 on Matte Paper

  • Reflective Preception

    Alicia Wheeler Richmond, Vermont USA Equipment: Print Media:Darkroom Photography

  • Kitty's Sunset

    Nicole Bouffard Williston, VT USA Longing for Vermont's brisk winter to come to a close with February's beautiful sunsets. Equipment: Print Media:Digital

  • Long Island Inn

    Alicia Wheeler Richmond, Vermont USA This is my Aunt and Uncles inn in the process of being restored - One of my favorite places to be and relax Equipment: Print Media:Darkroom Photography

  • Toy Plane

    Cody Richmond, Vermont USA Memory is one of our most sentimental values, my intent was to provoke those memories of being a child, playing and having fun, I feel that this photo has done just that. Equipment:Independant Photo Class Print Media:Digital Photo

  • Frostbite

    Jasmine Douglas-Hughes Richmond, VT USA Equipment: Print Media:Digital Photography

  • Schovan√°

    Anna Wulfson South Burlington, VT USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • Black On Green

    Madison MacMahon Hinesburg, Vermont USA A stunning contrast of green and black across a flower, extending from the center to the tips. Equipment:Canon Rebel T3i Print Media:

  • Growth

    Chloe Hotaling Charlotte, Vermont USA Not for sale Equipment: Print Media:

  • serenity.

    Sydney Lalancette Williston, Vermont USA Taken on a summer bike ride Equipment:Manual Canon AE-1 Print Media:Color film

  • Trapped in Consciousness

    Heather Jacobs Hinesburg, Vermont USA This photo invites you to play in the idea that we can be awake but not trapped in our conscious mind. There is beauty in awareness of our deepest desires and aspirations that often conceal themselves in the layers of our subconscious. Wake up. Equipment:Nikon D3100/Long Exposure Print Media:Digital

  • Rose

    Nina Mollo Charlotte, Vermont USA Not For Sale Equipment: Print Media:Film

  • Nose

    Fiona Higgins Charlotte, VT USA Not for sale Equipment: Print Media:

  • iSpy

    Rachel Morse Westford, VT USA For this photo, I put together miscellaneous toys to create a homemade iSpy that captures the fun in playtime. Equipment: Print Media:Digital Photo

  • Josina Munson Westfrod, vermont USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • A Passed Time

    Lukas Armstrong-Laird Essex Junction, Vermont USA An interesting view of an object that has meant so much to me. Equipment:Canon Rebel T3i Print Media:Photography

  • Isolation

    Bentley Wilking South Burlington, Vermont USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • Jasper

    Spencer Underhill, USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • Cover

    Shelby Cross Richmond, Vermont USA Equipment:Canon Rebel T3i Print Media:RA-4

  • Man On A Hill

    Katie Polhemus Shelburne, VT USA Overlooking Berkeley, California Equipment: Print Media:

  • Pencil Twist

    Audrey Dawson Westford, Vermont USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • I Came in Like a Wrecking Ball

    Michaela Earle Greensboro, Vermont USA I was taking action shots at the winter ball, and I found my friends doing this to the song "Wrecking Ball", and I just had to capture this funny moment. Equipment: Print Media:

  • Barn Spider

    Sherri Collins Johnson, Vt USA One cold night I walked into my aunt's barn and this little guy appeared. Equipment: Print Media:

  • Pipe

    Jonny Beauregard Jeffersonville, Vermont USA I was sitting around my car taking pictures and my exhaust pipe looked interesting. Equipment:Canon D60 Print Media:Canon iPF8000S

  • From the Inside

    Gwen Robinson Jericho, Vermont USA My inspiration and intent: There is no true way to see yourself--the closest we can get is through reflection. It is difficult for an image to reflect our inner light, but sometimes, on occasion, it can. Equipment:Nikon Coolpix L820 Print Media:

  • Farmer

    Miles Scanlon South Burlington, VT USA A hard working, driven farmer all his life, this man of 68 will smile, laugh, and tell you as many story as you will listen to. 40 years managing a small farm in the little town of Fletcher, Vermont. Equipment:Canon 5D, Canon 50mm f/1.8 Print Media:

  • Barely There

    Megan Krause Underhill, Vermont USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • Hydrangea in Ice

    Sunniva Dutcher Jericho, VT USA Equipment: Print Media:Digital Photography

  • Well Worn

    Tatum Turner South Burlington, VT USA A loved pair of converse started a wide spread collection. Obviously, many memories have been made. Equipment: Print Media:

  • The Brothers

    Zachary Uerz Jericho, VT USA Mustang, Torino, and me in the kitchen. Equipment: Print Media:Digital Photo

  • Time Passing

    Alex Esposito Essex, Vermont USA Equipment: Print Media:Digital Photo

  • Jump to the future

    Derek Pham Essex Junction, Vermont USA Equipment: Print Media:Digital Photo

  • Morning

    Danilo Salgado Essex Junction, USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • Untitled 1

    Lauren Essex, VT USA Equipment: Print Media:Digital Photo

  • Sam Wants to Leave

    Jeffrey Schultz Essex Junction, Vermont USA I made this picture in my Photo 1 class. The subject of the picture is my little brother, Sam. He doesn't like doing yard work so I made the title to fit that. Equipment: Print Media:digital photo

  • Touch

    Katy Trahan Essex Jct., VT USA Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light. Equipment: Print Media:

  • Rain Drop Zoom

    Kathryn Macone Underhill, VT USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • Cinderella's Book of Dreams

    Kourtney Ann Chilcote Essex Jct, Vermont USA Cinderella's Book of Dreams is expressing and showing realism toward fairy tales. It brings strong vibrant feelings for how Cinderella was treated but also with her best moments. I want viewers to notice the distinct words popping out in the paper. Equipment: Print Media:

  • Winter Apples

    Allyson Jacob Essex, VT USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • A Study in Dead

    Zoe Frolik Essex Jct., VT USA Taken in Botely on the eve of October, this photo foreshadows the upcoming harsh winter. Equipment:Nikon D3100; ISO 400; f/7.1; 1/800th; 170mm Print Media:

  • Untold Stories

    Meghan Hanley Shelburne, Vermont USA I noticed this old bible at my friends house and thought the texture of the pages would make an interesting photo for this assignment. Equipment: Print Media:Digital


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