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Dreams and Hallucinations

EXHIBIT OPENS ON December 4th, 2014
Artists' Reception scheduled for December 14th, 2014

Juror: Russell Joslin

Juror's Choice: "On the Non-Linear Traverse of Time" by Nana Lutea from Vancouver, BC Canada

Photographs that rebel against rational thought, a surreal "superior reality" of the subconscious.

In Europe in the 1920's, the artistic movement called Surrealism focused a revolution against the constraints of the rational mind.  Psychoanalysts of the time used a variety of techniques to bring to the surface the subconscious thoughts of their patients. The Surrealists borrowed many of the same techniques to stimulate their writing and art, with the belief that the creativity that came from deep within a person’s subconscious could be more powerful and authentic than any product of conscious thought. These artists were also intent on interpreting dreams as conduits for unspoken feelings and desires. These works created didn't begin with preconceived notions of a finished product; rather, they were provoked by dreams, or emerged from subconscious associations between images, text, and their meanings.

Exhibit Calendar (subject to change)
Submissions Close 29-Oct-14 Midnight EST
Juror' Choices Announced by 6-Nov-14
On-Line Check-in Due 14-Nov-14
Work Receipt Deadline 1-Dec-14
Exhibit Opens 4-Dec-14
Artists Reception 14-Dec-14 4:30-6:30 PM
Exhibit Closes 28-Dec-14

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Juror, Russell Joslin, describes dreams in relation to his work,

It is commonly believed that the primary function of dreams is to psychologically balance and compensate for matters left unsettled during our waking hours. In the dream world, the censors of our mind dissipate and the material in our heads becomesfluid and nonlinear—our past memories, fears and desires all surface symbolically, revealing to us a deeper understanding of ourselves. Metaphorically, this is how I have come to understand my photographic work. I see my photographs as visual manifestations of my subconscious mind—images that bypass intellectualization to reveal authentic feeling.



Juror's Statement:

My interest in dreams lies in their ability to expose our innermost psychology, desires, and fears in a primarily symbolic, visual, and emotional manner. Our deepest memories and the matter of our everyday lives can take the same precedence in the mysterious space of a dream. Dreams are universally personal, experienced only by the dreamer, sometimes so vividly that they are confused with the “reality” of our waking lives. Hallucinations are related, an expression of the interior workings of the mind, an altering of perception, or of an external “reality”.

As the title of this exhibition suggests, Dreams and Hallucinations is a conscious attempt by each artist to intersect the sometimes murky life of the mind with the medium of photography. Though the selected photographs are as personal and varied as the individuals who made them, I believe there are universally understood threads that run through them, and, like dreams, are left to be discovered and interpreted by each receptive viewer.

- Russell Joslin, November 4, 2014

On the Non-Linear Traverse of Time
Juror's Choice

Nana Lutea
Vancouver, BC Canada
Honorable Mention

Isabelle Royet-Journoud
Belfort, France
The Traveling Man
Honorable Mention

Leslie Hall Brown
Ash Grove, MO USA

Apparition #2
Honorable Mention

Weiser Manon
Paris, France
Megunticook Lake

Andrew Vox
Aberdeen, Maryland USA
Running for Shelter

Angela Larson
Chicago, IL USA

I wandered lonely

Anneleen Lindsay
Edinburgh, Scotland UK
Poseidon Exits Stage Left

Antonia Small
Port Clyde, Maine USA

Antonia Small
Port Clyde, Maine USA


Barbara Michelle Edelman
Utrecht, Netherlands

Brittany Markert
Brooklyn, NY USA
Portal, from Theatre of Fear

Bruce Hemingway
Seattle, WA - Washington USA

Disoriented Girl

Candi S. Kalinsky
Bellevue, Nebraska USA
Trapped in a Dream

Crystal Dickerson-Hancock
Phelan, California USA
The Afternoon Prophet

Dan Hendrickson
Pittsburgh, PA USA


Dana Day
Chicago, IL USA
Identity Crisis

Dana Day
Chicago, IL USA
Big Big Love

Geoffrey Agrons
Kensington, CA USA

Into The Dream (Full Quadriptych)

Heather D'Augustine
Los Angeles, CA USA

Heidi Clapp-Temple
Lithia, FL USA
The Sighting

Heidi Clapp-Temple
Lithia, FL USA

Crazy Deer

Isabelle Royet-Journoud
Belfort, France

James Graves
Plant City, Florida USA
Surfing by the rock, Study 2, Santa Cruz, USA, 2013

Jeff Merlet
Santa Cruz, California USA

At The Edge

Jeff S. Saxman
Richmond, VA USA
urban forest

julie montel
Paris, - France
Forced Surrealism

Karen Janas
Lombard, IL USA

Giveth Life

Leslie Hall Brown
Ash Grove, MO USA

Luisa Hübner
Vienna, Austria
Through A Glass Darkly

Mark C. Haskins
Apple Valley, Minnesota USA

That Which Was Inanimate

Michelle Rogers Pritzl
Ithaca, NY USA
The Perception of Pressure

Michelle Rogers Pritzl
Ithaca, NY USA
No- Title

Mina Rafiee
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Untitled from ``Reach Towards Not'' series

Nana Lutea
Vancouver, BC Canada
Untitled from ``Reach Towards Not'' series

Nana Lutea
Vancouver, BC Canada
Christmas in Los Angeles

Nataly Rader
Los Angeles, CA USA


Peggy Reynolds
Essex Jct., VT USA
Upside Down

pi bartholdy
copenhagen n, copenhagen Denmark
Girl in the gras

pi bartholdy
copenhagen n, copenhagen Denmark

The Eye, 2013

Rachel Jump
Concord, MA USA
Bringing the Stone Tablets

Ralph Hassenpflug
Camden, ME USA
On Beach with Headless Thick-Thighed Mother Figure

Robert Gullie
Cohoes, NY USA


Carmiano, Lecce Italy
The Astronaut's Quandary

Ronaldo Aguiar
Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo Brazil
Apis Mellifera #2

Siobhan Keleher
Denver, CO USA


Sophie Knittel
Prague, Prague Czech Republic

Steve Stokan
Flower Mound, Texas USA
The Kelpie God

Sue Thomson


Tami Bahat
Los Angeles, California USA
At Odds

Tara Harland Viney
Bridport, UK
Experimental Determination

Tara Harland Viney
Bridport, UK


Timothy Gottshall (Timo E)
Essex Junction, VT USA
Planting Season

Tracy Longley-Cook
Dayton, OHIO USA

Tricia Collier
Lincoln, MA USA

Apparition #1

Weiser Manon
Paris, France
  • All selected entries are exhibited in our gallery and included in a full color exhibit catalog.
  • Juror's Choice receives a 30x48" vinyl exhibit banner featuring their image, free entry into a future exhibition, and a free exhibition catalog.
  • Honorable Mentions receive free exhibition catalogs and free entry in a future exhibition. 
  • People's Choice gains free entry into a future exhibit.
  • We offer free matting and framing of accepted entries for the duration of each of our exhibition, subject to standard sizes. Photographers set their own prices if they wish to sell their work and retain all rights to their photographs.

Juror: Russell Joslin


©Kristen & Mark Sink

Russell Joslin has been the Editor & Publisher of SHOTS Magazine the past fourteen years.  SHOTS is an independent, reader-supported quarterly journal of fine art photography that reaches an international audience.  Joslin is also the author of Black Forest: Four Visible Poems, due this November from Candela Books.  Black Forest demonstrates his distinct editing style, with a special emphasis on sequence and narrative tone.

In addition to his publishing background, Joslin has exhibited his photographs in many galleries and publications worldwide for some twenty years.  Most recently, his photographs were featured in EYEMAZING (2012) and at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale (2013).  Joslin lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota.



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Juror's Choice: "Ruins Jumieges, Normandy" by Geoffrey Agrons from Kensington, CA USA

Juror's Choice: "On the Non-Linear Traverse of Time" by Nana Lutea from Vancouver, BC Canada

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