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Open 4/24 Thru 5/18/2014
Artists' Reception May18th 4:30-6:30PM


  • Something is always far away # 2

    Magela Crosignani Montevideo, Uruguay Equipment:Large Format 4x5 Print Media:Archival Paper

  • Superman

    Jane Szabo Altadena, CA USA Superman is from the series dis.place.ment, a body of images showing parents in their children's room, which taps into psychological and social nuances of both the subject and the viewer. Equipment:ISO 320, 24mm, f/9, 1/8sec Print Media:

  • Untitled (Italy)

    Terri Bright Greenville, SC USA print size: 9.125 x 13.5" frame size: 16 x 20" Equipment: Print Media:pigment inkjet print

  • Posturing

    Michael Riordan Rochester, NY USA Outtake from photoshoot on a cold morning in October on a farm outside Rochester, NY Equipment:Canon EOS 5D Mark II; EF24; 1/50 sec; f/7; ISO 125 Print Media:Fuji Crystal Archival photographic paper

  • Astroturf and Dog Shit

    Terri Lloyd Los Angeles, CA USA January 27, 2012. Pasadena, California. Walking southeast on Green Street. I spied. With my creepy eye. Upon the plastic green. Two turds and a one sprinkler. Ah, trifecta! Equipment: Print Media:Digital, archival print

  • Chimera II

    Thomas Ladd North Easton, MA USA This photograph is an open-ended narrative. Objects are repeated in a series to create dialogue between pictures. Influences include Roland Barthes' essays, Hitchcocks's movies, product photography, literary nonsense and animism. Equipment:4x5 Camera, artificial light Print Media:Inkjet Print

  • Bubble Cap

    Thomas Ladd North Easton, MA USA This photograph is an open-ended narrative. Objects are repeated in a series to create dialogue between pictures. Influences include Roland Barthes' essays, Hitchcocks's movies, product photography, literary nonsense and animism. Equipment:4x5 Camera, artificial light Print Media:Inkjet print

  • Odd Shoe

    Thomas Ladd North Easton, MA USA Equipment:4x5 Camera Print Media:Injet Print

  • Beit Hanina neighborhood, East Jerusalem, Israel, December 2011

    Omri Talmor Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut, Israel Beit Hanina is a palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem. It is divided by the separation wall into Al-Jadida(the new village), located within the Israeli Jerusalem municipality and Al-Balad(the old village), which lies outside the municipality. Equipment:Canon 40d Print Media:

  • In The Corner

    Louise Halstead Belmont, MA USA Equipment:Canon 7D, 18-135mm lens, f/22, 20s, ISO 100 Print Media:Chromogenic print on Fuji Crystal Archival paper

  • Dylan | Young and Old

    Corinne DiPietro Boston, MA United States Equipment: Print Media:Archival Pigment on Baryta Cotton Tag

  • Fridge

    Joëlle de vries Eindhoven, NB Netherlands Fridge is from a series in progress that shows human influence on landscapes. Equipment:Canon Mark III + 24 mm Tilt-shift lens Print Media:

  • Tending the Garden

    Katherine Burdick Tucson, AZ USA As a child I was intrigued by the miniature lives of people and other living things while the normal world went about its day. Today, I capture these imaginings in my photographs. Here I caught a gardener making sure the garden has enough dirt. Equipment:Canon EOS 7D 60 mm f 2.8 1/45 Macro ISO 5000 Print Media:Archival print

  • Le Chat Voit Tout

    sandrine arons mableton, GA USA Equipment: Print Media:Archival Pigment Print

  • Fisherman's Prayer

    Mark Melnick Pasadena, CA USA Newport Beach's fishing pier has been a source of pleasure and sustenance for millions. Contemplation is the essence of the experience there, and I found the contrasting textures of steel, timber, and the sea to be the very definition of "Juxtapose." Equipment:Canon 5D Mk III, 38mm, 1/80th at f/22 Print Media:Archival Pigment & Paper, Signed and Numbered 1/20

  • Balboa

    Mark Melnick Pasadena, CA USA This photograph was simply a matter of waiting for "the decisive moment." With bicyclists in seemingly short supply that day in Newport Beach, California, I returned to the scene several times before this young man obliged. The light was nearly gone. Equipment:Canon 5D MkIII, 48mm, 1/640th at f/5.6 Print Media:Archival Pigment & Paper, Signed and Numbered 1/20

  • Beauty Queen

    Vicky Martin Leek, Staffordshire UK Beauty Queen is taken from the series "In The Wilderness", which explores notions and stereotypes of femininity. Equipment:Pentax K10D camera Print Media:Fuji Crystal Archival Photographic Paper

  • selfie in fusion

    Muschel Brussels, Belgium Equipment:Leica Camera M Print Media:

  • Clavicular, (Popliteal Fossa), 2012

    gwen charles Montclair, NJ USA The Clavicular series features the rich colors of ground turmeric, French red clay, and Milori blue pigment. Inspired by a dream where colored pigments were poured into crevices of the body: the clavicle, the Popliteal Fossa and the navel. Equipment: Print Media:Digital photograph

  • Betwixt

    Marilyn Maddison South Burlington, VT United States Betwixt is not a photoshop creation. It was magic when my film camera did not advance causing the photos to overlap and synchronistically created an image of juxtaposition~the bemused woman caught between her older husband and the smiling young man.. Equipment:Pentax Film Camera Print Media:Epson Paper Ink jet Print

  • telegraph avenue

    Tom Hogeback Oxford, Ohio USA Telegraph Avenue 1982, waiting for the bus. The body language says it all, slight grins and closed arms. Equipment:Nikon fe setting unrecorded Print Media:Ilford silver based paper

  • Toxin Mushroom

    Di Sun Indianapolis, Indiana USA Beautiful things is poisonous. Equipment: Print Media:inkjet print


    John Padour Oak Park, IL USA GRIDS is one of a series of dual images titled "Dialogues". This image plays with scale with the grid of a Hong Kong high rise the same scale as the grid of a menu board in Laos. Equipment:Canon S90 Print Media:

  • Purim, Jerusalem, March 2014

    Laura Chiesa Tel Aviv, Israel A man dressed up as superhero walks by Orthodox Jews at the walls of Jerusalem Old City. Purim is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in Israel, embraced both by religious and secular alike. Equipment:Nikon D90 Print Media:Fuji Crystal Archival photographic paper

  • James Turrell's Sky Space with Moon

    Marilynn Waters Claremont, CA USA This view is through the illuminated canopy of ever changing colors of artist James Turrell's Sky Space, Dividing the Light, at dawn with moonlight. The Sky Space, completed in 2007, is located on the Campus of Pomona College in Claremont, CA. Equipment:Sony DSC-F828 Digital Camera, f/2.0, 1/15, ISO64 Print Media:Archival museum paper, Epson 3880, signed 3/10

  • winter, baselstadt

    Valentine Merriman Issaquah, WA USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • Tomboy

    Jessica Remus La Grange Park, IL United States Equipment:Canon 5D Mark II Print Media:digital print

  • Mother and Sons

    Stephanie Beaty TRINITY, Florida USA Watching Liam from the outside looking in. He is becoming less of me and more him. It is the beginning of this journey. Of feeling separate. Other. Yet connected in an inexplicable way. In our reflections, we merge together. Still one. Equipment:Canon 5D Mark III Print Media:

  • Bikini

    Haley Morris-Cafiero Cordova, TN USA Taken in Barcelona, Spain Equipment:DSLR strapped to someone's back Print Media:Archival Inkjet Print

  • Deliberate Digression

    Marie Brenneis London, UK USA Madness, Tableau Sets and Dance, Marie explores social norms and conventions. She works with Installation, Set, Sculpture, Performance/Dance and Photography. Equipment: Print Media:jpg

  • The View to Forever

    Marianne Smith Dalton Cazenovia, NY USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • gateway

  • Ophelia

    Brian Schneider Fairbanks, Alaska USA This is not a digitally manipulated image. I placed the nightgown in the water with the trees reflecting above to give the feeling on floating amongst the trees. Equipment:Hasselblad 500c w/40mm Distagon and Ilford HP5 Print Media:Ink jet print

  • Hoop Dreams

    Brian Schneider Fairbanks, Alaska USA Equipment:Digital Camera Print Media:InkJet Print

  • the grass stands tall inside our heads

    Nate Mosseau Burlington, Vermont USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • Wires and Magnolias

    Miren Etcheverry Cambridge, MA USA The man-made and the natural. The utilitarian and the aesthetic. Equipment: Print Media:Digital Photography

  • Untitled (Italy)

    Terri Bright Greenville, SC USA print size: 9.125 x 13.5" frame size: 16 x 20" Equipment: Print Media:pigment inkjet print

  • Rope Of Hope

    Karim Cairo, Egypt Egypt 'A Moment Of Hope' simply - NO HOPE NO LIFE => We need more of it ☮ Equipment:EOS 550D (EF 50mm) - F/4 - 1/250 Print Media:digital photograph

  • Corncrib

    Jeff Evans Rantoul, IL USA Equipment:Canon Powershot Print Media:Color Digital print, signed mat

  • Building Supply Co.

    Jeff Evans Rantoul, IL USA Equipment:Canon Powershot A570 Print Media:Color digital print, signed on mat

  • The Burning

    Janette James Pawling, NY USA Equipment: Print Media:Digital Print

  • Guilt

    Jeremy Walter Independence, MO USA Equipment: Print Media:Signed and dated with gallery name on back.

  • Juxta Pose No 6

    Francois Boutin Quebec City, Quebec Canada This photo was taken during Chile's Indepedence Day (September 18th) in the Vieux-Port of Quebec City, Canada. It is part of the series A Taste of Chile in Quebec City. Equipment:Nikon D50 Print Media:Fine Art Photo

  • Dancing With Her Soul

    Babak P. Aryan Austin, Texas USA Equipment: Print Media:

  • corners

  • yellow flower

  • Untitled #3284, 2014

    Ekaterina Vlassa Moscow, Russia from "Urban Solitude" series Equipment: Print Media:Digital C-print

  • Maelstrom

    Michael Riordan Rochester, NY USA A young man skates on a small halfpipe deep inside one of the largest favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Equipment:Canon EOS D60; 1/125 sec; f/3.5; ISO 200 Print Media:Fuji Crystal Archival photographic paper

  • Trio

    Norman Borden New York, NY USA I'm a NYC-based street photographer. I sneak shots on the subway and stand on busy street corners to capture faces in the crowds. Master classes at ICP and Maine Workshops. Member of Soho Photo Gallery and ASMP. www.normanbordenphoto.com Equipment: Print Media:Archival Inkjet print


    Ordi Calder Cuiaba, Mato Grosso Brazil The sunlight draws on shadows, ephemeral graphs facts about surfaces produced by human hands; geometric shapes, signs and symbols. The spellings of Light seek aesthetic balance, want to escape the pre configured compositions; Abstracting the matrix. Equipment:CANON EOS 500N Print Media:Inkjet Print on Canvas Canson 340gsm MuseuArt


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